Welcome to Highinvestmentprogram.com. Our goal is providing a solid and safe investment without risk. Then With Highinvestmentprogram.com, you can stay focused on what matters to your long-term success. Since our founding, Highinvestmentprogram.com has been fiercely committed to several principles that guide our fund management, our investment programs, and the financial advice we give our clients. Together, these beliefs make up our distinct investment philosophy, which is the key to our and our clients' ongoing success.

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HIP Investment FAQ


- How long have you been offering HIP online?
A: Since July 07th, 2016.

- Do I get the principal deposit back?
A: No, Your principal is included in profits.

- How much money can I earn?
A: We have 5 investment plans and all periods are for 5 days (500-6000% daily).

- What is the minimum and maximum spend?
A: Min deposit is $100 and  max is $200,000.

- Which e-currencies do you accept?
A: We use Payeer and Bitcoin only.

- How do I receive funds?
A: All payments will be made directly in your PerfectMoney account, Payeer account or Bitcoin Address

- What guarantees do we give?
A: We don't give guarantee on profit. But your principal is guarantee. Also because we always choose best investment terms depended in markets which we are in them.

- Who can join in HIP?
A: We accept members from all countries in the world.

- Are multi-spends allowed?
A: Yes, you can make as many spends, as you would like. each new deposit will be treated individually.

- How long does it takes you to answer my mail?
A: Usually it takes about 24 hours.

- Do you offer any referral bonuses?
A:Not for now.